Friday, 12 December 2014

The many uses of drape hire in event production and stage management.

When you are planning an event or function you’ll have your mind occupied with all the little details that there are to consider along the way. But don’t forget to include drape hire on you long list of things to do. It is a little detail that’s easily forgotten, but you’ll be so glad you remembered it on the day. In this article we’ll look at the many different benefits that hiring drapes brings to your event - read on to find out more.

An added air of elegance to the room
Drapes come in all sorts of different materials, but no matter which you choose you can be sure that they will add an air of elegance to the room in which your function is being held. Drapes look plush and regal and can transform the oldest village hall into a room which looks fit for a king. This is a very cheap way of converting a less-than-perfect room into the perfect venue for your event or production.

Great for blocking out light and dampening echoes
Drape hire is also a great idea because thick, good quality drapes can help to black out a room so that the full effect can be gained from the production or performance. Not only this, but drapes serve as a very useful barrier for dampening a room and reducing echo and natural reverb. This is a very important consideration if your event has an audio element - for example live music or people speaking. If a room has too much echo then you will find that it is hard for the sound to come across in the right way, but drapes dampen the room so that the acoustics are far friendlier to the ear.

Hide away things you don’t want people to see
When you are creating the venue for your event, drapes are also very useful for hiding things behind. For example, stacks of chairs and tables can be stowed behind the drapes when they are not in use. This keeps the amount of visible clutter to an absolute minimum and provides added storage for instrument cases, production equipment and all manner of other things.

If you are interested in looking into drape hire for your big event then it’s a great idea to call the professionals at CVS International. They have a wide range of drapes to hire and can advise you on your individual needs, talking you through their range and offering you plenty of help and advice along the way. Give them a call today!

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