Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How to arrange audio visual hire for your event, wedding or function.

When planning an event, wedding or function there will of course be a very long list of things which need to be given careful consideration. Once the big things such as date, venue and guest list have been finalised, it’s time to start thinking of the details. And of all these details, one thing that you really need to put some thought into is your audio visual hire. Read on to find out how to obtain the perfect rig for your event.

Audio visual hire for a speaker
If your event features a speaker (or you just want to set up a microphone for the speeches at your wedding) then you need a PA (public address system). You’ll need a simple set up; just some speakers on stands, a microphone and stand and some leads to connect it all up. You will also need a desk to get the right balance of sound.

Audio visual hire for music
If your event is to feature live music, then a little more thought needs to be put in. You’ll probably need to take some advice from a sound expert; it’s not worth guessing as the chances are you’ll end up with the wrong set up for your requirements. A string quartet may require nothing more than an ambient mic set up to increase the overall volume, whereas a full rock band will require a full PA with large speakers. If you are using a band then check with them first as they may already have a PA that they travel with, but beware that it may not be the best quality so if you are in any doubt then it’s always better to hire your own. The band will generally provide their own amps.

Think about the venue
A venue with high ceilings and wooden floors will provide many sound challenges so you’ll need to think about this first. If your venue is smaller and there is carpet then you will probably find it easier to get a good sound. It’s always best to speak with a sound expert if you are in any doubt at all, and generally it is a good idea to hire a sound person along with the audio visual hire because they will know how to operate it and get the best sound for the room.

The professionals at CVS International are well-versed in all areas of audio visual hire and they’ll be delighted to talk you through your options. Give them a call today or visit their website for more information.

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